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Chainlink in a negative trend since March seems to be slowing down near the supposed bottom. Daily active addresses are virtually stationary. This fact is confirmed by the network growth indicator

Daily active addresses
network growth

The price looks like a bargain addresses have stopped dropping stock and started a timid accumulation

TV price
addresses 10k - 100k

The look is MVRV, almost all holders are currently sitting in a loss so selling now will only make the loss even worse.


it's worth looking at the sentiment, which doesn't look enthusiastic but... the price persistence is not a bad sign

weak sentiment vs price

We haven't seen larger transactions over 1 m for quite a long time. Sharks, on the other hand, act with increased activity.

100k 1m

You should definitely pay attention to the constant activity of developers. The long-term perspective shows the state of work at the highest level, looks like ATH. Which shows the value of the project, if adoption and tokenization are a sure thing, then the link has a chance to be the number 1 oracle for a long time.


An increase in stocks of big fish will be a good sign in the currently uncertain situation. On the other hand, if this does not happen, it can be assumed that the coin has found its bottom in the current state of the market.


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