Whales Still Whalin' as Traders Hang on Their Every Move!

#Bitcoin's third largest transaction in the past two weeks (15,411.92 $BTC) happened 13 hours ago. However, this was realatively tiny compared to the pair of massive transactions that occurred on March 22nd (87,051.03 $BTC and 78,317.03 $BTC) during the asset's price dip to $63K. The #onchain transaction volume on this day spiked, suggesting key stakeholder dip buys aided in a recovery.

Though sourcing the nature of the wallets that withdraw and deposit Bitcoin can be difficult, these transactions did appear to align with larger wallet accumulation that has been happening since this past weekend.

Also, keep an eye on this Mean Dollar Invested Age indicator, highlighted in pink. As long as it continues moving down, this line is implying that the average age of investments are getting younger as stagnant wallets continue to bring older coins back into circulation. This is one of the primary ingredients of #cryptocurrency market bull runs throughout its 15+ year existence.

Check out this Santiment chart directly on Sanbase, and track the next big whale moves for yourself!

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