Whale Watching - Projects Showing Top Holder Accumulation or Dumping Behind the Curtains

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May 8, 2021

As we've done in previous weeks, we're continuing to keep an eye on which projects are seeing notable movement from their respective whale addresses. Watching which assets are seeing a growing amount of addresses worth $100,000 or more can give a great indication into future price pumps and dumps.

Below, we've listed three projects with notable rises in whale numbers, as well as three with notable drops:

⬆️ Increasing Number of Whale Address

Bancor ($BNT)

Skale ($SKL)

Sushi ($SUSHI)

⬇️ Decreasing Number of Whale Address

Celcius ($CEL)

Raiden ($RDN)

Yearn Finance ($YFI)

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May 8, 2021

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Assets from this insight

Bancor logo


$ 2.31

27.81%in last 7d
SKALE Network logo


$ 0.111953

35.45%in last 7d
SushiSwap logo


$ 4.37

37.75%in last 7d
Celsius  logo

Celsius CEL

$ 2.57

19.90%in last 7d
Raiden Network Token logo

Raiden Network TokenRDN

$ 0.156974

18.36%in last 7d
yearn.finance logo


$ 22760.92

32.08%in last 7d