Wake Me Up When September Ends... and Whales Buy!

⬆️ Increasing Whale Address Balances

Aave ($AAVE) - 1k to 1m AAVE Address Holdings

Aave key whale addresses holding between 1k and 1m AAVE in their wallets are up to 54.5% held. This is the highest amount held by these addresses of all-time. Still a relatively young asset, the key will be seeing this line improve even when founder and top exchange addresses (holding 10m or more AAVE) finally stop circulating their coins out for active traders and circulation purposes.

Chainlink ($LINK) - 10k to 1m LINK Address Holdings

The Chainlink army should be pleased to see that addresses holding 10k to 1m LINK have increased their supply held by over 3% of the available coins in just 4 months. This is quite the massive increase, and it is the highest percentage of LINK held by these addresses in exactly three years.

Amp ($AMP) - 100k to 10m AMP Address Holdings

Amp is not the most widely traded asset, as it currently sits as the #131 asset by market cap. However, among the available supply that is not wrapped up in founders and top exchange addresses (as the coin is quite centralized), we have seen the holdings increase amongst the active top tier addresses. Since the beginning of June, the amount of AMP held by 100k to 10m addresses has increased by over 25%.

⬇️ Decreasing Number of Whale Address

Litecoin ($LTC) - 10k to 10m LTC Address Holdings

Litecoin's price, similar to another popular coin, Cardano's, has been very disappointing in 2022. The amount of supply held by addresses holding 10k to 10m LTC is down to its lowest perecentage in 2022. These whales held over two thirds of the supply just over three months ago. Now, they're threatening to hold less than half if this trajectory continues for another month.

Chiliz ($CHZ) - 100k to 10m CHZ Address Holdings

Chiliz has actually held up quite well against the price of Bitcoin, and has been one of the few nice stories over the past couple of months. With its price recently reaching the largest value since early April, 100k to 10m address whales have been selling the rise and taking profit. Understandable considering its high value against almost all other crypto assets in 2022.

OMG Network ($OMG) - 10k to 10m OMG Address Holdings

OMG's key whale addresses were holding over half of the asset's supply in mid-March. However, as prices fell following the last bullish month, these top holders sold off alongside the price. Now less than 20% of the price that was seen six months ago, these large addresses only hold 47.7% of the supply. Keep an eye on the short-term 1-month rise that has been developing!


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