WABI continues its week long rally

While most altcoins were bleeding away throughout the week, WABI continues its move upwards with notable trading volume.

Price action

24h change ↓ 12.88%

7d change ↑ 57.96%

Important to note that main trading volume stems from Binance, which makes up for one of the two exchanges that WABI is listed on. Remains to be seen how trading volume will be affected once the U.S traders are cut off. But not surprised if falls flat by next month.

Crowd's reaction

  • Me holding some wabi on Binance is That also okay After September 9?
  • Got in WABI at 1400😊😊😊
  • I would like to hold till atleast $20 Bucks. Wabi was $5 two years ago. 💪🏼
  • WABI get in before too late
  • Exit pumps sounds weird..
  • I think wabi will 2-3x tomorrow

"WABI" mentions are still low compared to June levels.

Daily Active Addresses

We are observing an increase in DAA since the price action. However it is still rather small considering there were only 75 addresses participating in transfers during the recent rally.

What were large hodlers doing?

Token Age Consumed reveals that there was a spike prior to the rally, indicating that large hodlers that held WABI for some time have begun moving the coins. The average time these were held is around 1 year. Did they know something we don't? Were they preparing for the rally?

It's also interesting to note that another much larger Token Age consumed spike occurred around 9th July, after which the price just kept tumbling down.

Exchange Flow Balance

Exchange flow indicates that there were more tokens going into the exchange than out with an excess of 137,200 WABI tokens. Coincides nicely with the price rise as holders look to offload.

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