Volatile week ahead

This week's macro events is looking to be one of the most exciting ones of the year.

Jam packed with back-to-back key events like CPI, FOMC meeting and PMI to end the year with a bang. The decisions from these events will eventually guide the market to be risk-on or risk off.

Meanwhile, against this backdrop, we are also seeing the S&P still being rejected on the weekly, which isn't exactly a great sign.

On the other hand, we have the DXY that's approaching an interesting zone on the weekly for a bounce, which would not be good for risk assets like stocks or crypto.

That said, there's the bear case and bull case for DXY, which are both pretty valid. We'll find out this week i guess.

The correlation between crypto and the S&P continues to be the case for most part of the year.... until crypto had its own implosion in early Nov.

Things are pretty jittery still in the crypto space and any negative surprises that pop up continues to shake the market out. Just take the latest negative new piece from Reuters about Binance - Price moved swiftly following it.

Decision time is coming.

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