VET climbing on rumours again

Vechain climbed on top of emerging trends again after some days of silence:

There are some rumours behind it.

Like Vechain team bought 100M VET on Binance.
Or "Microsoft to Turn 1980s Gamebook Series Into Vechain-based Card Game"

Or Coinbase to probably list VET

Perhaps these were enough for a rapid price action.

I used Graphs tool to try to evaluate consistency of this movement.

This evaluation is based only on social data.

First of all a new price Lower High is made on a social volume Lower High:

Second: VET sentiment is negative, but not that strong negative then on previous top:

Third: Sentiment volume consumed (a rolling z-score of two charts above multiplied) is close to zero:

And some manual browsing of Vechain related social channels shows this:

50/50 moods

Thanks for reading!

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