Vegeta memes abound as BTC shortly breaks $9000

Bitcoin surged past $9000 for a fleeting moment today, hitting a 12-month high $9,096 on Bitstamp before plunging south less than half an hour later.

Though short-lived, the rally was particularly welcomed by the meme-loving section of the cryptoverse, which waited a full year to be able to bust out the ‘it’s over 9000’ Vegeta memes:

The initial excitement quickly gave way to melancholy, as the Big Kahuna dropped to as low as $8,589 shortly after the fact:

Some in the community even blamed the immediate dip on the Super Saiyan sightings (with varying degrees of seriousness), and pleaded with the community to hold off on their spiciest Dragon Ball memes until BTC is squarely over the $9000 mark:

And so, premature Vegeta memes join the ranks of CNBC’s pro-Bitcoin editorials in the upper echelon of bearish meme indicators. Truly a momentous day for crypto enthusiasts everywhere.

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