VeChain forming a beautiful top

Yeah sex is great and all.
But have you ever had VET double in 2 weeks?

Well, VET is still on top of words.

This insight might be considered as a continuation of the previous post about VET.

I said that VeChain hasn't topped yet.

And now it seems to me this is the time, VET has finally topped and likely to go down.

Here's why.

  1. Divergence in social volume and price:

2. Formed bottom in VeChain Sentiment Volume Consumed:

3. VET stays on top of emerging trends for quite some time already. About 7 days, which is impressive. What is the way from the top?

4. Clearly visible bullish sentiment in social channels:

  • VET on fire loldamn i sold vet too eraly
  • Great project with massive news and partnerships! Mass adoption is coming 😉 Keep pushing
  • buy as much VET/VECHAIN💚💯 as you can!
  • Vechain is exploding on Twitter. So much attention and positive sentiment. Also, great to see all the lovely comments towards the VET-team. They deserve all praise. Love u guys :)

Thanks for reading!

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