Tulip Trust III sent BSV to the top

One of the most trending topics in cryptoverse since weekend is Bitcoin SV.

Red dots are shown when BSV ends up in Santiment Emerging Trends. Since Friday January 10th

Price gained impressive 73% since then.

First possible reason I stumbled upon is this tweet:

"Buy the rumours!"

A perfect fit.

Where is this event on price chart?

Hmm. It doesn't fit the initial price jump.

Perhaps Calvin Ayre spilled some oil on fire intentionally to support and enhance the price action.

Then what happened before?

Here it is!

This tweet links to https://modernconsensus.com/people/exclusive-would-be-satoshi-craig-wright-produces-tulip-trust-iii/

Long story short: this is CW's move to prove he will be able to control anything between 821,050 and 1,100,111 million Bitcoins at some point this year. Which of course can affect market significantly. Dump his BTC for BSV for instance.

What is the Tulip Trust? - https://coingeek.com/what-is-the-tulip-trust/

Community expressing opposite sentiments:

Same time quite negative towards BTC.

This nicely correlates with Sentiment Volume Consumed chart available for registered Santiment users on https://graphs.santiment.net/social

What do you think of Mr. Wright?

Thanks for reading!

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