Top Social Gainers for weekend of June 15th-16th, 2019

Here are the weekend's biggest developing stories in crypto based on Santiment's data:

Facebook/libra (1283+ new mentions in last 48 hours)

Set to be revealed on Tuesday, June 18th 2019, Facebook's Libra represents the first major foray into the crypto space by a tech giant. Some details of the planned announcement were first uncovered by The Block and here's what they found out:

  • Facebook and dozens of partners are set to unveil the Libra Association and Libra Blockchain next week
  • The Libra Blockchain will be backed by Libra Reserve, “a reserve of real assets” that will provide the cryptocurrency with “stability, low inflation, global acceptance, and fungibility”
  • The Libra Blockchain will be open-sourced under an Apache 2.0 License as of the day of the announcement, and a testnet will be launched at the same time

Libra will be governed by the consortium known as Libra Association. The list of partners that have signed on include:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • PayU
  • Andreessen Horowitz
  • Union Square Ventures,
  • Coinbase
  • Xapo
  • eBay
  • Vodafone

Below is the full list broken down into segments by The Block.

Source: The Block

Each partner will have to pay $10M to operate a Libra node, which will allow them to gain access to all transactions that are happening on the blockchain.
Given how data, privacy and Facebook doesn't mix well, the crypto community is slamming Facebook's crypto effort. Calling it an attack on Bitcoin and the total opposite of what crypto was meant to be (Decentralized, Open, Censorship resistant, etc).

There's even a parody Twitter account called "Librarian" that's gaining momentum.

Below are some of the crowd's reaction:

  • fuck facebook in the face!
  • I will never use zuck fuck Facebook. He is one of the worst people out there. He probably even knows how many times you go pooping
  • Facebook coin is aimed towards "normies". It will be integrated into Facebook apps (messenger, whats app, instagram), PayPal, eBay, Uber and many other platforms that normies use every day. The aim is to distract them from Bitcoin and altcoins.
  • I never liked Facebook, never had an account. But now I really hate it.

You can get a better sense of the conversations in the following Reddit posts:

All eyes on 18th June now.

Btc/vegeta (8676+ new mentions in last 48 hours)

It's time to whip out all the Vegeta memes yet again as BTC soar past the $9,000 mark to hit a local high of $9,320 USD. While we did see a number of Vegeta memes going around, it feels somewhat different this time. It seems like people are more cautious about jinxing it with the Vegeta memes.

On the same day, BTC did dip back down to $8,990 before working its way back up.

But where you find Vegeta memes, there's plenty of excitement. E.g in this Reddit post. Below are some of the crowd's reactions:

  • 1 million by the end of the year or I eat my own dick
  • Oh shit. Bitcoin just broke through a very thick level of resistance, which makes it support now, hard to break below. And there's very little volume to volume trading above 9000-9200. You realize that this means that for Bitcoin to go to a new all time high from here is very easy? It's harder for it to break through the previous resistance levels, but now all the major ones appear to have been broken. We're about to see some fireworks. Prep the spaceship. We're going to the moon.
  • Already trying to figure out what color lambo I'm going to buy
  • This is just the beginning. It is going past 10,000 with China worries and now middle east turmoil. Will bet my reputation on it.

Also, it was fun to see Brian Drummond, the voice actor behind Vegeta lending his voice to the classic meme this time round.

And yes, as of this writing, we are still above $9,000. Next up, $10,000.

Poe (416+ new mentions in last 48 hours)

POE went from $0.0059 to $0.013042 in less than 2 hours and with no apparent news or announcements surrounding it. Looks like yet another coin that was targeted for a Pump & Dump, similar to what we have seen with MTH.

The coin now has retraced to almost where it was prior to the pump.

Crowd's reactions:

  • someone bought over 150 million poe
  • Any news poe
  • Good luck Poe will make you lose it all in seconds goodluck
  • Those are now community Members of poe..they will read the white paper only to find out what a shitcoin it is

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