Top Social Gainers for Wednesday, May 1th, 2019

Here are Monday's biggest developing stories in crypto based on Santiment's data:

The USDT story continues to evolve.

Wednesday’s topics:

  1. Tether’s USDT Are Not 100% Fiat-Backed
  2. Tether Is 74 Percent Backed, FED Is 1 Percent Backed
  3. Recent Tether Premium action research
  4. Superseding indictment released for two persons connected with Bitfinex

Moods? “Crypto doesn’t care”:

  • the tether dip is not doing much to BTC which show confidence. Still debating if I should fomo at current price.
  • Seriously nobody cares about what the NY cronies think in regards to crypto or tether lol 😏
  • Crypto existed before tether.... It would still exist even after tether.... 3b$ can't destroy crypto....
  • True, they defended wel tho, I was impressed how little effect usdt fud had

  • BOLT (140+ mentions)

Bolt topped on Wednesday, setting all time high at around 0.04 USD.

News background:

Strategic Partnerships With Bitmax & Binance, moving to Binance chain.


  • Anyone heard of Bolt??
  • Bolt just used zilliqa platform to create publicity for themselves! Deceitful! To say the least
  • @zilliqa can you explain why $bolt left the most high performance chain to move to binance’s ethereum clone?
  • @zilliqa I’ve been hoping your technology actually works but your tps is still near zero according to block explorers. The Nasdaq event was a catastrophe. Bolt was just a scam looking for a Binance pump, and abandoned you. Cofounder looked like a fool after that.
  • oh atom is bolt?

Solid negative emotions towards Zilliqa are expressed.

ATOM becomes #15 asset after Coinmarketcap calculated it’s marketcap :)

Few days after listing on Binance.

Moods are consistently excited:

  • Atom is not a shitcoin
  • ENJ is good, but atom is better
  • Atom is gonna be faster than enj
  • atom will do 20% again
  • atom is the new king

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