Top Social Gainers for Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

Here are today's biggest developing stories in crypto based on Santiment's data:

  • IBM/XLM/Stellar (270+ new combined mentions)

This is a fading yesterday’s story of IBM launching the World Wire - a payment network that uses Stellar blockchain.

Stellar posted an IBM video where Jesse Lund, Vice President of IBM Blockchain, explains how World Wire will solve the problem of global payments and why IBM chose to build it on the Stellar network:

  • XRP (900+ new mentions)

XRP is mentioned in context with XLM.

“XRP can flow through World Wire.... they will have a use case, why not, is that a bad thing?”

Pump expectations clearly observed:

With little concerns:

“How is it bullish for XRP that banks are going to be using its main competitor?”
  • ONT (510+ new mentions)

ONT overtook NEO ranking:

“I used to be a neo holder, but recently switched to ONT. It just seems to be a better product and more active. You can't go wrong with either though..”

Last time ONT appeared on the radar on March 18 -

That day most social volume was produced by TA traders, noticing ONT breaking resistance. Ontology made +16% since then.

The general uptrend started on Feb 16 -

That was a day when ONG was listed on Binance.
It’s Ontology Gas required to fuel functionalities and transactions on the Ontology network.

  • Firefox (50+ new mentions)

A few days ago, on March 19, Mozilla released an update to Firefox with options like:

  • Block autoplaying content by default;
  • No more annoying page jumps with smoother scrolling;
  • Search made easier and faster.

Reddit community been sharing it’s experience with Firefox, comparing it with Brave browser:

“To be fair - Firefox has made some pretty great Privacy progress as well. I would put Mozilla as a close second to Brave”
  • QLC (190+ new mentions)

“Qlc Mainnet coming 31 March” messages started to circulate on Telegram.
They found a proof by QLC tweet:

Price followed +6% a day (17% gains in a week).

There was an AMA reddit thread open:

Yesterday lot’s of extended answers were given by Golem, that perhaps led to some discussions around.

Price followed +6% a day (+8% in a week).

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