Top Social Gainers for Wednesday, March 13th, 2019

Here are today's biggest emerging stories in crypto, based on Santiment's data:

  • GRS (520+ mentions in 24 hours)

Groest Coin spiked quite nicely a few days ago, as covered in recent review.

Now it’s experiencing a 26% cooldown.
New mentions arise mostly from community members considering it to be a short correction before new ATH.

And also a screenshot from GRS roadmap started to circulate, stating an important milestone on March 22 to approach

  • Blockmason/Link (110+ mentions in 24 hours)

Heavy marketing compaign of Blockmason Link, an application designed to generate simple web APIs from smart contracts written on programmatic blockchains.

Social volume coming mostly from bots on Twitter and Reddit.

  • XZC (460+ mentions in 24 hours)

XZC went up around 25% the same time as GRS did. Possible trigger:

Now it’s cooling down, -15% a day.

“whoever fomo in XZC and GRS, God bless your souls. It was not a partnership with MasterCard. It is a partnership with a entity using MasterCard service.” -

says one of Telegram users.

  • MCO (50+ mentions in 24 hours)

MCO is still trending for the same reason, which you can read in previous post.

Hint: do you know there is a standalone category for crypto cards tokens on SANBase?

  • DASH (120+ mentions in 24 hours)

And here comes another similar partnership:

PolisPay Partners With Dash For MasterCard.

Witnessing recent GRS performance, people expect the same from DASH:

“Why Dash and EDO are not pumping??”

While in reality DASH is up 2% a day and 10% a week.
Looks like long lasting bearish market performance is forgotten already.

Take care.

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