Top Social Gainers for Sunday, February 24th, 2019

Here are today's biggest emerging stories in crypto, based on Santiment's data:

  • Tapatalk/Kin/Eos (500+ new mentions in last 24 hrs)

Mass confusion, as Tapatalk may or may not be integrating EOS to its platform, depending on who you ask.

Tapatalk, a mobile forum app used by over 200k forums in 186 countries has just recently integrated KIN token to the platform, which is supposed to work similar to reddit’s karma.

Now, a few news outlets report Tapatalk will (also?) use EOS in their Gold Point reward system, which would be earned by forum administrators and moderators based on page views or ad impressions.

Some members of both the KIN and EOS community have labeled the announcement fake news, while others defended the source’s credibility.

Seems like a solid ‘wait and see’ at this point.

  • Etn (170+ new mentions in last 24 hrs)

Electroneum is pumping ahead of the Mobile World Congress event tomorrow, where it’s rumored the project may make several announcements.

Whether that’s true or not, the coin leapt over 18% over the last 36 hours to reach a month-high 218 Satoshi, before heading south. It’s currently just above breaking even for the day.

  • Btc (2500+ new mentions in last 24 hrs)

No lambos today, as crypto’s top dog loses $350 in about 2 hrs, erasing most of the week’s recorded gains.

The coin breached just below the $3800 support level before recovering slightly, with mostly choppy action since. Bitcoin’s currently down 8.20% for the past 24 hrs

  • Elon/Musk (30+ new mentions in last 24 hrs)

Folks are still buzzing about Tesla CEO’s recent praise of crypto in general and BTC in particular on ARK Invest’s “FYI” podcast.

Meanwhile, the Monero community is trying to figure out how to become the first cryptocurrency on Mars, Elon’s well-known final frontier.

P.S. There are also several repeat words from yesterday’s list, as the crowd is still discussing ONT, NANO and NEO. You can see exactly why in our yesterday’s post -

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