Top Social Gainers for Sunday, April 7th, 2019

Here are today's biggest developing stories in crypto based on Santiment's data:

Ethereum Classic went nearly 8% up on Sunday, when users realized some arbitrage opportunities with Coinbase:

Why is no one talking about this. $etc can literally send from binance to coinbase and make 2$usd for every one etc. 🤔

Exchange introduced new requirement then for ETC - 5,676 confirmations now needed before deposited ETC is available to trade. It takes around 20 hours. Arbitrage became harder. But still, looks like someone found a workaround:

If anyone needs their ETC sent over to Coinbase/Gdax send me a PM
  • TNB (230+ new mentions)

Time New Bank finally pumped nearly 50% on Sunday (x2 in a week).

People were expecting this move for a long time.

Possible trigger:

I have just found a few source about a rumor of a Partnership of @Chase @jpmorgan Bank with $tnb @TimeNewBank maybe that explains the Pump and 60% of today wow…

And then:

tnb was so hard least time, as i said before. but i already move to MFT 15 april is ther OS public relase
  • MFT (240+ new mentions)

Early April (now) is a period when MFT officially plan to launch the Mainframe OS:

So the attention to MFT keep growing:

  • "Mft has lready crashed once so i guess now could be a good entry"
  • "Mainframe OS Public Launch, coming April 15! MFT💪"

Recent performance: +10 a day or +23% a week.

  • ETH (1540+ new mentions)

ETH has popped recently (+8%) after a few days of going sideways.

It’s clearly seen that Ethereum is lagging lot’s of assets in recent performance.

People are still cautios:

  • "ETH pump is over? Just bought 50% of my assets to ETH"
  • "eth will go subzero soon"
  • "ETH is lagging. any hope or none?"

Meanwhile there is an interesting quotation by Justin Sun found regarding Tron and Ethereum.

I think that even within this year we will see Tron officially collaborate with Ethereum, and will be something good for the industry.

- says Justin Sun on

And this tweet before:

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