Top Social Gainers for Saturday, February 23rd, 2019

Here are today's biggest emerging stories in crypto, based on Santiment's data:

  • ONT (100+ new mentions in last 36 hrs)

While most altcoins spent the day trading sideways, ONT mustered a second breakout in as many weeks. The coin spiked 17% over the last 24 hrs, climbing to a 4-month high $0.964.

Some attribute the rally to Ontology Development Platform being released on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace, and the project joining the Google Cloud Technology Partner program.

  • NANO/Node (1000+ new mentions in last 36hrs)

u/Qwahzi makes the case for Nano over the BTC Lightning Network in this 9-minute video, sparking a full-on flame war.

The debate spilled over to several crypto subreddits, as users compared UX, scalability, privacy features and incentives to run a node.

  • Rsi/Overbought (350+ new mentions in last 36hrs)

Technical analysts are in full swing today, as several top coins including BTC, ETH, EOS and BNB enter ‘overbought’ territory.

RSI, or Relative Strength Index, is a price-based indicator which purports to show when an asset is bought or sold too much. RSI > 70 suggests overbought conditions, and may signal a corrective pullback. Or not 🤷

  • NEO (650+ new mentions in last 36hrs)

Jubilation and confusion in the NEO community, as the coin pumps to a 45-day high $9.92 amid no apparent news or project announcements.

In fact, NEO just recently lost one of its notable Dapps, as Effect.AI decided to migrate to EOS. Their reasoning? “The NEO blockchain sucks”

NEO is currently up 15% for the day, and 25% for the week.

  • CME (280+ new mentions in last 36hrs)

Chicago Mercantile Exchange - the world’s largest futures exchange - sets a new record, with 18,338 bitcoin futures contracts traded today - equal to about $360m.

Some believe an increased interest from futures traders is an important step for large-scale BTC adoption. That said, CME’s BTC futures are cash settled, meaning no bitcoins actually changes hands.

Also, each futures contract is both a long and short position, so an overall increase in volume doesn’t necessarily reveal trader sentiment:

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