Top Social Gainers for Monday, February 18th, 2019

Here are today's biggest emerging stories in crypto, based on Santiment's data:

  • ETH (5800+ new mentions in the last 36 hours)

ETH jumps 14.3% in the last 24 hours, reaching a month-high $147.18

After trading sideways for most of last week, ETH breached several notable resistance levels earlier today, and is currently maintaining a strong upward trend.

ETH also recently overtook XRP as the 2nd biggest crypto asset by market cap, as the platform’s anticipated Constantinople hard fork nears.

  • Nash (180+ new mentions in the last 36 hours)

DEX wars intensify, as NEO sets the launch date for Nash - its own decentralised exchanges - for March 31st, 2019.

The news comes about a week after Binance announced that their Testnet - which will be used to power a Binance DEX - will go live on February 22nd.

  • Ark (270+ new mentions in the last 36 hours)

ARK rallies to a 4-month high $0.84 after its addition to the Exodus crypto wallet and the project’s mainnent update to Core V2.1.

The coin jumped by as much as 89% yesterday before pulling back. It’s ebbed and flowed through much of today, and is currently down 9.07%.

  • Gas (650+ new mentions in the last 36 hours)

Unable to sustain yesterday’s rally, NEO’s GAS drops 14.4% in the past 24hrs.

The coin leapt to a 4-month high $3.5 yesterday morning, tho last 24 hours indicate it might have ran out of...steam (thought I was gonna say gas, didn’t you?)

  • Afri (130+ new mentions in the last 36 hours)

Afri Schoeden, ETH Core developer and release manager at Parity, gets accused of conflict of interest, splitting the Ethereum community.

Schoeden recently criticized Ethereum’s roadmap while praising Polkadot, an interoperability protocol being developed by Parity, which some claim stands to benefit from a slow Ethereum network. He quit social media following the backlash.

Several developers have come out in support of Schoeden, blaming the attacks on ‘toxic tribalism’ and ‘mob behavior‘.

  • Fomo/Bull/Uptrend (2100+ combined new mentions in the last 36 hours)

Crypto adds a cool $10 billion to its total market cap today, prompting the good old FOMO talk.

The price of top 20 crypto assets for the last 24 hours is (currently) in green, as the crowd debates whether to FOMO buy or wait things out.

Sound familiar?

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