Top Social Gainers for Monday, April 8th, 2019

Here are today's biggest developing stories in crypto based on Santiment's data:

Emerging social trends

xvg/verge (446+ combined mentions within 24hrs)

XVG's rise from 182 to 203 sat

For some reason, XVG's recent jump from 182 sats to 203 sats (+11.6%) got the crowd really excited. Considering the recent altcoin roulette in March which saw 1D gains from 30% to even over 100% for some coins, it sure doesn't take much to excite people about XVG.

Excitement of the crowd

Perhaps the idea of XVG making a run from the bottom all the way to November 2017 highs is keeping many hopeful out there.

XVG to $1

Expectation vs Reality

Besides that, the crowd also noticed some arbitraging opportunities where XVG is trading around 2.5x higher on Bithumb than Binance. However, it appears that Bithumb have yet to enable their deposits & withdrawals following their recent hack.

remindme (107+ mentions within 24hrs)

Reddit user AceOrigins posted an image of a 4chan Anon's Bitcoin price prediction for the next few years back in January 2019. This reddit post have since gotten 1,200 updates and 390++ comments.

April 2019 - BTC ~$5,300

July 2019 -BTC ~$9,200

October 2019 - BTC ~ $16,000

February 2020 - BTC ~ $29,000

July 2020 - BTC ~ $56,000

November 2020 - BTC ~$87,000

Now that Bitcoin is around $5,200+, perhaps the April 2019 prediction is pretty spot on.

The post eventually prompted many reddit users to set an alert via the RemindMebot to check in again in the future.

Who knows, perhaps 4chan Anon might be just correct, and we could all use the hopium. Remindme!

sagan (13 mentions within 24hrs)

Looks like "prediction" is the theme for the day. Reddit user u/jacobcanfield posted on r/Bitcoin an excerpt from Carl Sagan prophecy for America from his 1995 book, "The Demon-Haunted world". In which it states:

The Reddit post have since gotten 4,600+ upvotes and 392 comments with many naturally relating to it given that a large % of Bitcoiners are libertarians. Long BTC, Short the state.

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