Top Social Gainers for Monday, March 25th, 2019

Here are today's biggest developing stories in crypto based on Santiment's data:

  • EVX (1840+ new mentions)

Everex was given approval by the State of NJ (USA) to have onboard users and to perform both domestic and international crypto-crypto transactions.

After the announcement, the price has increased by more than two times.


  • looks like pump group on evx watch out guys
  • DID $EVX find a cure for cancer or something...and why is it up 200%
  • the [email protected] is EVX?
  • How long to evx gets dumped
  • What is EVX, actually never knew it existed. Funny. Well happy for anyone taking profit. May the old and the new gods be with you.
  • Trust me I do its just crazy that the world wire going live did NOTHING while EVX pumped 300% on news of being approved in USA.
  • EVX will replace Western Union!!!!!!!!!! This is $100 trillion marketcap coin!!!!! All in EVX!

  • Celer (2200+ new mentions)

Celer has been listed on Binance 6 days after the IEO event and is now around x3.5 from crowdsale price.
Peak gains - x4.1, detected 196 minutes after trading started.


  • What about celer? Should i hOld?????
  • Celer is shitty? Or have future ?
  • Celer why dump not like fetch?
  • Because it’s the name CELER aka SELLER 😜
  • Dumped CELER for 4x gain, could balloon up and do a BTT or dump endlessly from here like FET regardless "nobody went broke taking profits" etc.

  • REN (140+ new mentions)

Ren made a sudden 40% move up (20% in 24 hours, 16% a week).
Reason is not visible yet.

Moods vary:

  • Ren tanking or we holding?
  • Ren is rekt bro. Sorry
  • Ren is going to explode

  • EOS (310+ new mentions)

Dan Larimer posted on telegram:

It triggered talks like:

  • EOS moon
  • EOS Founder Hints Biggest Announcement Coming for EOS Since Its Birth
  • Looks like eos is about to take off

There is also an interesting reddit topic that triggered a few Tron mentions as well.

In fact the price level stays stable, no significant moves yet.

  • BTS (100+ new mentions)

Upbit Global, the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange has announced the addition of two cryptocurrencies: BitShares and Fusion. Price of BTS shot by 80% in an 1 hour. A correction followed instantly.

  • Dump/Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s sideways grow tension in minds. People are expecting a huge price move.

In which direction? Let’s see.

"pump" - 63 mentions on Monday
"dump" - 130 mentions oon Monday

Which side are you at?

As always, visit SANbase to explore these and other trends in more detail!

Thanks for reading!

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