Top Social Gainers for May 10-11th, 2019

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Garry Kabankin
May 12, 2019

Here are recent biggest developing stories in crypto based on Santiment's data:

  • BTC (11,430+ mentions)
BTC social volume reached it’s local top on saturday at almost 12K total mentions.
During Friday and Saturday BTC continue it’s bullrun making 13% higher top this year

What was the crowd talking about in BTC context?

  • Btc bull ran over competed next ran start 10:00 am
  • I'm scared of going to sleep and then waking up to a world where BTC has galloped away to 8K
  • btc going to a million before normies realize wtf it is
  • Monday's US market open, and impact on the weekend's price is, for me, will be a test. CME said they would tame BTC. Now's their chance to prove it. If not, then we are truly in a new game.

News headlines:

  • Alts (2020+ mentions)

Interesting thing, the altcoin's marketcap followed BTC precisely percent-to-percent:

Alts holders mostly hurt but optimistic:

  • alts dead?
  • Consensus 2019 May 13-15 Due to that conference all the alts gonna start their growth
  • Alts are making me worrie.. I need to get that loss with the bull on the run..
  • It's gonna be something we've never seen before... Even last bullrun alts followed a month later
  • Once BTCUSD broke 6k, my alts bled pretty hard. Towards the run to 7k, they barely bled any more. On the break and run past 7k, plenty stopped moving or even went green. 👀👀👀👀👀
  • Couldn't sleep yet. Alts gonna pump so insane in usd if btc doenst meteor crash. Just a little more
  • Mostly losing money on alts 😥

News headlines:

  • FOMO (870+ mentions)

Looks like another local top here.
Last two tops of “FOMO” mentions happened when the fastest BTC growth paused, as it’s seen on social volume chart above.

  • People waiting in tether are starting to fomo into the market now😂
  • Sir, pls enable deposits I have big fomo. Need to send lots of tether to binance
  • All my friends who didnt believe in btc have been calling me today. Fomo kicking in guys, 10k soon

Almost the same picture here as with “FOMO”.
Except it’s better covered in news.
Kinda “Next bullrun is officially started”:

More and more people expecting correction. Some fear expressed:

  • Tomorrow have to be a correction day, I am not going to believe if still running parabolic like this🙈
  • prepare your balls for correction
  • Attention.....all overbought!! A CORRECTION IS COMING! Bitcoin can crash below 5900!,
  • I'm fearful. I would like to see a big correction before another leg up.
  • Im so scared of the correction

  • ETH (3020+ mentions)

Ethereum made a 16% move up during recent two days, setting it’s new 2019 high close to 200 USD:

Crowd reaction is very humble:

  • ETH is so slowwww
  • ETH puked
  • If two years ago you told me I'd be ECSTATIC to see $205 ETH, I probably would have slapped you


A meme of the day:

As always, head over to our Social Trends page for the latest updates.

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Garry Kabankin
May 12, 2019

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