Top Social Gainers for June 10th, 2019

Here are latest and biggest developing stories in crypto based on Santiment's data.

  1. MITH

One of Binance chain immigrants has been announced to be airdropped on Monday.

Price immediately went up almost +40%.

I'd like to focus only one thing regarding MITH:

Activity Period:

2019/06/11 0:00 AM -2019/06/21 0:00 AM (UTC)

There is possibility that the price will revert heavily only on the ending date.
And continuous uptrend before may be observed.
It's been witnessed before - for example in ONE trading competition:

Take care.

Talks about MITH today:

  • The MITH price will automatically dump after this event closes on 😂😂😂
  • Is mith likely to pump any more
  • Mith Will pump again dont miss the chance
  • MITH also looks like not done
  • Mith shitcoin 😜

2. FTM

Binance announced a new listing on main exchange (not "DEX").

It's Fantom.

FTM PA looks like a Falcon 9 launch: +40% first stage and +25% second stage.
First stage vehicle is Binance tweet, second stage - start of trading itself.


  • The exchange listing was free, no marketing costs, no hidden listing fees.
  • The first project to go from Binance "DEX" to Binance "CEX".
  • The first project to be listed on Binance "CEX" since 2018.
  • FTM is still below ICO price (0.0431 USD)


  • Ladies and gentleman prepare to be suprised as $ftm is going to be this years biggest and baddest project..
  • The FTM being listed on binance is BNB chain while the other exchanges are offering ETH chain. I wonder how many people are going to blindly try to send their tokens over without converting. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  • Leave FTM, Buy ARN
  • to touch or not to touch ftm
  • LTO is next 👈
  • Forget every other coin for couple of months. All money will go to FTM
  • Ftm is gonna pump like phb and matic
  • ftm its over u.u, bnb mooning :)

3. LTC

Litecoin did a rapid +10% move on Monday upon no visible triggers.

Performance since the start of the year: 4x.

Halving: in less then 60 days.

Recognizable HTF pattern:

Opposite trends - social volume vs price


entire life of weekly candles for LTCBTC, red lines = halving in 2015 LTC topped out 5 weeks before halving if it was a repeat of 2015, that means we'd top out in 2 weeks
  • I really believe LTC will moon after the halvening. No efficiency gains from new miners = price needs to rise for miners to stay put.
  • LTC's halving is 56 days away. That's enough of a signal for some people to pump their money in to LTC instead of BTC for now 🤷‍♂️
  • Eos & ltc must be way better then eth.

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