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Feb 15, 2019

Here are today's biggest emerging stories in crypto, based on Santiment's data:

  • Appc (120+ new mentions in the last 36 hours)

APPC breaks out on Valentine’s Day, and the crowd is 😍 it.

AppCoins’ native asset jumped 30.89% to a 2-month high 1865 Satoshi late last night, before meeting resistance. After some choppy back-and-forth, the coin is currently just breaking even for the day.

The rally might be prompted by APPC’s Valentine’s Day Program, which rewarded users with AAPC credits for installing the app.

Launched in 2017, AppCoins is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency for App Stores.

  • JPM/Morgan (1100+ new mentions in the last 36 hours)

The crypto community is still processing the announcement of JPM, a JP Morgan-backed stablecoin, which will be used to to settle payments between JPM clients in trials which are set to start in a few months.

Some are calling it a groundbreaking event for crypto’s mass adoption.

Others think JPM goes against the basic tenets of blockchain technology, and will ultimately hinder the industry’s focus on independence and decentralization.

This screenshot sums up the discussion pretty well:

  • Nano (280+ new mentions in the last 36 hours)

Ledger apologizes for reducing Nano S’ storage capacity with their January 16th firmware update.

The update was meant to improve the platform’s security, but had an “unintended consequence” in impacting the Ledger Nano S storage.

The crypto wallet company says its “working diligently” to restore Nano S’ capacity to its pre-update levels, and hopes to do it during Q2.

  • BNB (800+ new mentions in the last 36 hours)

After several days of downward action, Binance Coin pumps by 6.8% in about 4 hours earlier today.

The coin has recently become the #9 biggest crypto asset by market cap, edging out Cardano and Bitcoin SV. it’s currently up 5.15% for the day.

BNB was also added to SpendApp yesterday - an accessory application to the Spend VISA card.

  • LRC (100+ new mentions in the last 36 hours)

Welp, that was fun.

After rallying to a 2-week high 1698 Satoshi (and appearing on our list) yesterday, LRC loses almost all of that upward momentum over the last 24 hours.

The coin skyrocketed following its recent listing on Ethfinex, but the hype was short-lived. LRC’s currently down 9.17% for the day (tho still up 4.8% for the week).

  • Blocks (220+ new mentions in the last 36 hours)

Bitcoin’s average block size hits a new all-time-high: not at 1.3MB per block.

1MB was the previous limit before the introduction of scaling solutions like SegWit, which is now used by ~40% of all BTC transactions.

Mining larger blocks while keeping trx fees at record lows indicates Bitcoin moving towards greater adoption and scalability - although (of course) not everyone sees it that way.

As always, visit SANbase to explore these and other trends in more detail!

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Feb 15, 2019

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