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Here are today's biggest developing stories in crypto based on Santiment's data:

A brief review of previous spikes of similar topic.

February 19th: An ETH Core developer and Parity release manager, Afri Schoedon announces he’s quitting Ethereum, after some accused him of conflict of interests over his recent comments.

Afri criticized Ethereum’s roadmap and praised Polkadot, an interoperability protocol developed by Parity, which some claim stands to benefit from a slow Ethereum network.

March 9th:

Drama in the r/ethereum subreddit, as Ryan Zurrer (u_rzurrer) is accused of conflict of interests and called to step down as the subreddit moderator.

Among other things, some claim Zurrer tried poaching ETH developers for Polkadot, publicized Ethereum’s shortcomings and questioned the future of the platform.

Zurrer lamented the ETH community’s “maximalism”, saying that “projects can and will deploy in many ecosystems and that is great for the space generally”.

April 12th:

A pseudonymous developer has begun working on Dothereum — a copy of Ethereum built atop Polkadot’s technology.

Some have speculated that Afri has taken his talents to DOT, as EthHub‘s Eric Conner has suggested he’s behind the new project’s Twitter and Reddit pages:

soc1c is the only moderator of /r/dothereum. No other evidences at this moment.

Few interesting comments on reddits:

Long time Etherean (since 2016) but I'm starting to wonder if I backed the wrong horse. The never ending drama with Parity, Afri, scaling delays, ect is really starting to take it's toll on me. I will be buying a lot more Bitcoin this year once the ratio goes up, just in case I'm wrong.

  1. Its a little confusing what it would be. It might be what is called a Hardspoon. Basically a snapshot of the ETH chain, but then implemented on the polkadot chain. It would be similar to a hard fork in that people holding ETH would then have DOT/DETH (whatever it will be called) on the Polkadot chain.
  2. Just a testnet right now. Supposedly end of this year is when this would all go down.
  3. Another interesting wrinkle is where/when they decide to snapshot ETH. It would probably be announced at what block height they will do it. Could cause a nice run on ETH if people value the new DOTs.
  • BSV / Craig / Delist / Satoshi / Wright (1140+ mentions)

Craig Wright is one of polarizing figures in the cryptocurrency community. Among many other things he’s started to claim that he’s Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin.

A Twitter user with nickname Hodlonaut has called Wright a fraud for his widely disputed claims of being the person behind Satoshi.

Craig's legal team had served Hodlonaut with legal papers containing a slew of allegations pertaining to online harassment and conducting a targeted campaign on calumny. He placed a $5,000 reward for anyone who reveals the identity of the Hodlonaut Twitter account.

Then a majority of the crypto community came together to create a web portal and crowdfunding campaign in a bid to cover Hodlonaut’s legal costs -

Many of Hodlonaut’s supporters changed their profile pictures and usernames, claiming that they were all Hodlonaut, fuelling the #JeSuisHodlonaut campaign.

Craig is attracting attention from some of the largest names in crypto:

What's behind BSV?

Bitcoin Cash was the result of a scaling disagreement. The Bitcoin Core team believed the lightning network was the best solution while the Bitcoin cash team wanted to raise block sizes. When they couldn’t agree they split off. Craig Wright was part of the Bitcoin Cash community for a while but even then he couldn’t agree and he forked the chain again, creating Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV).

This is slowing down continuation of topic covered yesterday -

Is there any correlation between the crypto price and the WikiLeaks event? Unlikely.

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