Top Social Gainers for 5th Feb 2019

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Feb 6, 2019

SAN community today’s social trends breakdown.

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BitTorent is once again the talk of the town, with most of our words being related to the recent BTT price action.

So we thought we’d break down the short but eventful history of the BTT coin, as told by its multiple appearances on our top 10 list over the last few weeks:

  • Jan 22nd

This was BTT’s first time on our list, couple of days after the company finally announced a timeline for its much-anticipated BTT airdrop to TRX holders. We could tell the crowd was already starting to feel giddy about the upcoming coin offering:

  • Jan 27th

A day before the BitTorrent ICO, mentions of BTT, TRX and BNB flooded our top 10 list. The ICO was officially the biggest story in crypto, and BTT enthusiasts rushed to Binance Launchpad to participate.

  • Jan 28th

As expected, BTT remained high on our list during and immediately after its ICO. In the end, 59.4 billion BTT tokens were sold in under 15 minutes, worth $7,128,000. Who said ICOs were dead?

  • Jan 29th - Feb 5th

Since then, the BitTorrent coin has meandered through our list each and every day - sometimes it was #1, sometimes it was near the bottom, but it was always present. In other words, the crypto community has yet to stop talking about the coin.

And it’s hardly surprising. BTT has maintained a resolute upward trend ever since its ICO and has at one point today recoded gains of 870% over the last week. Those are late 2017/2018 numbers.

For what it’s worth, the coin did finally dip slightly earlier today, shrinking from 0.00124$ to 0.00093$, before heading north once again. Even with that, the BTT is still up a whole 21.8% for the day - and is once again the top word on our daily list.

Still, the question remains - how sustainable is this run? What happens when the crypto crowd (inevitably) moves on to the next big story?

I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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Feb 6, 2019

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