Top-10 blockchains devactivity 2022

2022 was a bumpy year. What if we could see blockchain protocols who increased development activity despite all crazy dumps? Easy!

Here is a chart of top blockchains devactivity throughout the year, only surging ones, only top-10 strongest ones by Santiment devactivity metric:

Source: Sanbase

Same in text:

  1. ADA
  2. DOT
  3. ATOM
  4. ETH
  5. ICP
  6. EGLD
  7. FLOW
  8. OP
  9. APT
  10. MATIC

Few observations:

  • Aptos has been working super hard before the mainnet and chilled down after.
  • Solana could be here on a chart, its devactivity is still strong and within ones above, but the metric is declining heavily through the year.

Next, what if we take the above assets and sort by current ROI?

Here we go, current ROI since token sale (in USD terms, data from DropsTab):

  1. ICP – 1.01
  2. FLOW – 6.84
  3. DOT – 14.9
  4. EGLD – 51.0
  5. ATOM – 93.5
  6. ADA – 102
  7. MATIC – 301
  8. ETH – 385

Thanks for reading!

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