Tone Vays vs Roger Ver -The $5 transfer bet

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May 26, 2019

Trader, Analyst and Bitcoin proponent Tone Vays went head to head with the infamous Bitcoin Cash supporter Roger Ver in a Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash debate at the Malta A.I & Blockchain Summit.

Roger kicked things off by claiming how cheap it is to use Bitcoin Cash to make daily regular payments thanks to its cheap transaction fees as compared to Bitcoins high transaction fees (According to Roger, the average fee is $3). To further prove his point, Roger challenged Tone to send him $5 worth of BTC to see how things will turn out.

So Tone took up the challenge, set his transaction fee to 1 satoshi (lowest fee possible) and off it went! Roger was so confident that the BTC transaction would be stuck in the mempool and not be confirmed, that he claimed he would donate $10,000 to a charity of Tone's choice if the transaction gets confirmed within the day.

Tone also added that one could easily use the Lightning network (Granted that it's still growing) instead of doing it on-chain transactions as such for daily payments. To which Roger challenged him on just how prohibitive it is to use a Lightning wallet and how ownership is stripped away from the user by trusting Lightning.

So, did the transaction eventually get confirmed within the day? Turns out it was cleared 10hrs after it was initiated as confirmed by Tone in a tweet.

But it was not without some assistance apparently. The particular transaction was aided by the mining pool, Slush pool, when it made it as its most high priority transaction in block #5777628 as pointed out by Cobra.

While Slush pool did prioritize the transaction, it is also important to note that Twitter user Enne was also sending out several 1 satoshi transactions during the debate and they were confirmed couple of hours later after Tones' and they were not prioritized.

It also turns out that the mempool wasn't as congested as thought.

So, I guess a nice charity out there will be receiving $10,000 pretty soon!

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May 26, 2019

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