To Curve or not to CRV?

The ensuing report delves into an analysis of CRV, primarily through the lens of behavioral analysis. Initiated nearly a month ago, we have now chosen to share it with a broader audience.

What follows is an introductory overview of the report. For those interested in exploring the full report, a link will be provided at the end.

An aspect that recently piqued our interest - approximately three weeks ago - was the purportedly contentious activity connected to Ser Egorov, the founder of Curve. Various crypto media outlets reported a series of actions that were not just startling but would potentially impact market behaviours.

Egorov has reportedly purchased two properties in Australia, a decision which seemed to be met with surprise, given its detachment from market activity. More alarmingly, he is said to have locked Curve (CRV) as collateral in AAVE, subsequently borrowing roughly 300 million USDT (which proved to be wrong the moment we looked into the data). The supposed intention, or rather lack thereof to repay this loan, had only served to fuel market anxiety.

The resulting knee-jerk reaction for many was an immediate disinvestment in Curve, alongside predictions of a catastrophic plummet in its value.

Below, you can see the chart reflecting just how “dominant” the talks about CRV were compared to other topics, at that moment in time.

social dominance for "CRV related talks" (red line), crypto social channels, 6 months time frame

And zoomed in to a bit higher resolution (for the sake of preserving your eyes power):

social dominance for "CRV related talks" (red line), crypto social channels, 2 months time frame

At Santiment, we have witnessed such responses to market rumors before, sometimes even rendering them as signals to invest. Nevertheless, one should always tread carefully while interpreting such indications.

Being firm advocates for behavioral analytics, we employed this approach to dig deeper into this unfolding situation. Our objective was not just an attempt to understand Egorov's actions, but to gauge their possible impact on the market and decide our investment strategy.

Consequently, our investigation left us pleasantly surprised, revealing even more than anticipated. This led us to take decisive investment actions.

To access the full report, please follow the linked page below. The comprehensive report is available for purchase at the price of $100 USD.

However, if you are an existing member of the Santiment community, simply reach out to us on Discord, and we will provide you with the report.

Topics discussed in the report can be seen here:

Table of Content in the report

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