TIA and MEME: Which altcoin will outperform?

Celestia (TIA) and Meme (MEME) are two tokens that are massively trending in the crypto space right now. Despite the recent crash in Bitcoin price, TIA Dalai Lama'd quicker than most altcoins.

Price Performance

So, w/o further ado, let's get into it price performance - TIA has had more time to gather steam and has clearly outperformed MEME in the given time frame.

Result: 164% vs. 88%.

But, let's take a look at other metrics to see if TIA dominates MEME across all variables.

TIA/USDT vs. MEME/USDT performance on TradingView


Currently, TIA trades at $859 million while MEME trades at $706 million. While both of these volumes are comparable, they weren't a few days ago.

On November 13, TIA's peak volume hit $941 million and has since dropped 8.71% to $859 million. TBH, that is not a lot.

While, MEME token's peak volume was $1.32 billion on November 14 and has dropped 46% to $706 million.

Bitcoin is to be blame for the drop-off, but one thiing we can conclude here, albeit not strongly, is that MEME investors are more speculative and can paper hand their trades.

While TIA has relatively less volume, aka traders, they are strong-minded holders not affected by sudden short-term moves.

TIA vs. MEME volume

The above conclusion is evident when looking at the recovery trajectory of both TIA and MEME tokens - while TIA has bounced 8.53% MEME has returned a majestic 15.36%.

TIA vs. MEME returns after Nov 14 crash on TradingView

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