The warmth of money. Reddit debates on a miner-convector

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Garry Kabankin
Dec 21, 2019

Yesterday's biggest stories on crypto social media:

  1. It's the last pre-xmas weekend. Cold winter weather somewhere. Lazy mood in cozy home. Warm home.

This is a convector.

It brings warmth.

By mining.

At least that's the way the device is positioned by Ukrainian developers -

A reddit post with this picture got 3.1k upvotes and 355 comments yesterday.

Manufacturer say it's in active development, planned to be shipped soon.


Hashrate: 9-11 Th/s

Power: 550-900W

Performance: 0.062-0.082 W/Gh

Plates: 5

Chips: 165 Bitfury Clark and 15 BF180

It started over a year ago with this twit:

It's says: "Idea. Convector-miner. Power 200-800W. Profit 5-25 USD per month."

More details appeared in their blog -

Posted an article on Coindesk -

"Occasionally" pictured with Russian mining project CEO:

Tested and posted a review on YouTube -

Most interesting yesterday's reddit comments:

"I have 36 GPU's in 3 rigs that go into my home theater area in the basement at winter time. Our furnace never goes on. I mine a coin that mines fine the the GPU's tuned down. About zero fan noise as there are 36 quiet fans that augment the GPU fans, so they only run at 70% power. Making coin, making profit, and no charge for heating my home. I like it better then on and off heat, everything is always the same temps and does not dry the air either."

"Is it really profit though? I used to mine and had to stop due to it just not making any money at all when the coins all dropped. All depends on your electricity costs."

"Well, heating is 0% profitable anyway"

"This looks like the usual miner preorder scam. Doesn't matter whether the scamming is intentional or they are actually planning on building a prototype with the first payments they receive.

I doubt that you can sustainably dissipate the heat from 11THash/s with convection alone."

"Nothing new,"

"The difference is that some miners sound like jet engines and others don’t. I don’t want a jet engine in my living room."

Ahh splendid. The warmth of money.

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Garry Kabankin
Dec 21, 2019

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