The power of crowd consensus

There is one common thing between crowd consensus and price movements. When there is very strong narrative in crowd, it's social volume often tops and starts to fade around the point of price reversal.

According to Social Trends, we do really see now quite a strong narrative around Ukraine, Russia and crypto.

What if we compare it's social volume with another strong narrative around Fed and inflation? Blue bars for "Ukraine, Russia and crypto", red bars for "Fed and inflation":

Looks like we're quite on top. A consensus on "Ukraine, Russia and crypto" story is here. As it has played for "Fed and inflation" earlier (wider time range):

We could say we are approaching a level where it becomes very significant for the market. A level of top crowd attention. The reversal might be around the corner. Unless the crowd picks another hot topic and it has all the attention, even more than Ukraine having now. If there's no new hot topic, there are strong chances for reversal.


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