The Gamestop and AMC Party is BACK, and it's Having a Big Imprint on Crypto!

🎮📽️ The #Gamestop and #AMC craze has very much bled over to #crypto, mainly due to the speculative nature, crowd empowerment similarities, and overlap in similar interested traders. These two companies are by far the top trending topics on #cryptocurrency platforms right now.

As we can see on this comparison chart, these subjects have heated up whenever crypto markets begin to swing in an established direction. These spikes then foreshadow a market directional change, which savvy traders can take advantage of. Expect for this trend to continue with the major return of interest in these companies for the first time since 2021, alongside the return of #TheRoaringKitty, the leader behind these rallies.

Track this Santiment chart here to see how the waves in interest continue, and how they have an impact on #Bitcoin and other assets.

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