The Crowd Has Become Negative Toward Top Caps! Could This Be the Turning Point Bulls Needed?

🐻 With #crypto market caps ranging and lacking the usual growth traders have been accustomed to since the #bullcycle began in October, there is a notable #bearish sentiment that has taken hold of #crypto discourse this week.

#Bitcoin, #Ethereum, #BinanceCoin, #XRPLedger, #Cardano, and #Solana are all uniformly in a more negative crowd sentiment range than their historic averages. This is the first time in over 6 months that this has occurred.

When traders become concerned and show #FUD across multiple large assets, it is a signal that market caps have a higher likelihood of seeing an impending bounce. Markets historically move in the direction of the crowd's least expected direction, making a rise catch many #short traders off guard.

Check out the link to our weighted sentiment comparison chart!

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