The Art of TA Figures

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Garry Kabankin
Jun 4, 2020

What it this figure reminding you of?

Yeah! This is a so called "Bart Pattern" on BTC price chart.

First noticed by The Crypto Dog two years ago:

Some saying a “Bart” is actually just a “common liquidity gap” being filled. Some blaming whales.

The thing is Bart is not alone!

Multiple Barts, Inverted Barts
Hunting Dinosaur
Puking Pony
Is this a Bunny-Duck?
The Golden Egg

Thanks whales, we haven't got rekt by a Marge Simpson pattern:

What's your favourite pattern?

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Garry Kabankin
Jun 4, 2020

Thanks for reading!

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Inspired by recent BTC chart art and

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4 months ago

Sure the bart one, the one that rekt the most !