Tether on Binance Chain Currently Leads All Network Daily Address Activity

📊 The network with the highest level of address activity over the past month is Tether (specifically on the BNB network), which may surprise you.

We measure each network's level of activity by counting the average amount of unique addresses making at least one transaction on a daily basis.

Here is the full top 10 list, with 4 of the entries being stablecoin networks. Dollar signs represent stablecoins, coins represent traditional crypto assets:

💵 1) Tether (On BNB's Network) 🥇
🪙 2) Bitcoin 🥈
🪙 3) Ethereum 🥉
🪙 4) Polygon (On Polygon's Network
🪙 5) Litecoin
🪙 6) Worldcoin (On Optimism's Network)
💵 7) Tether (On Ethereum's Network)
💵 8) Tether (On Polygon's Network)
🪙 9) Bitcoin Cash
💵 10) USD Coin (On Optimism Network)

Check out the full list of coins here, and sort by DAA (daily active addresses) or any other metric you'd like to compare to optimize your portfolio!

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