Tesla. As seen from cryptoverse

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Garry Kabankin
Feb 5, 2020

Some saying Tesla's current behavior on traditional market is totally like crypto.

Tesla stocks are not tokenized yet, no onchain data available.

I'm going to make an overview of what's visible today around TSLA in social media.

First of all this is TSLA price chart:

Hyperbolic 430% in 240 days.

Reminds anything?

Dynamics is very similar to BTC back in 2017.

Zooming in:

Yep, and this is how the market closed at the moment of writing this, a huge red candle.

How do you think tesla will continue to go down at the opening? 🤪

CSW is preparing to sue Tesla
When @Tesla tokenize their shares?
Tesla is the new paradigm and the price of stock reflects that market potential.

forget btc tesla is new king

forget that shitty btc, just buy tesla

Actually this is where excitement ends

Haha, unlike Tesla, Bitcoin is not gliding up on irrational and unsustainable fumes!

How is this something you can compare? $BTC went from under $1000 to nearly $20,000 in the year 2017... tesla has gone up $400? Apples and oranges here
As much I agree on the potential of Tesla, the fundamentals suggest the price simply does not reflect its value and is dangerously inflated. This is a speculation bubble since people are trading on the speculation of what Tesla can be (years away) not on what it is.
Is Tesla even profitable? I find it funny when people act like 1. every one wants an electric car (they don't) 2. Electric cars are viable as a person's only vehicle in northern climates (they aren't) 3. Tesla is the only car company in the future (you're a bunch of idiots).
what happening to tesla is a blackswan event ,don't expect much in the coming years
I love Teslas. I like Elon. I believe in the company. But this is nuts. I think it’s going to end ugly soon.
I've never seen bears so loud about one particular market before for such a long time.

Tesla..., a stock where +13.73% in a day feels like -10%

never been so disappointed with a six figure up day

So sick of bears...like the guy who guided for 808 yesterday..what a chump!

That's it for now.

Would you short Tesla from here if you were able to?

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Garry Kabankin
Feb 5, 2020

Thanks for reading!

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8 months ago

@Garry, It is so funny article. Tesla is a new king of traditional stocks. :)