Sun’s announcement of an announcement pumps TRX & BTT

In a recent tweet, the CEO of the Tron Foundation teased ‘something huge and amazing’ involving both of the above mentioned coins, estimating a 70% chance of whatever he’s talking about actually happening.

However, despite another valiant pump effort, the market paid no attention to Sun’s silly gimmicks, as both coins continued to trade sideways in the hours following the tweet.

Just kidding. Like clockwork, both TRX and BTT spiked almost immediately afterwards, and are currently sitting at +12.3% and +19.7% for the day, respectively.

Nobody seems to have any idea what Sun could be talking about, tho many don’t even seem to care. In fact, some TRX and BTT holders were just grateful for the unsolicited pump:

As expected, the tweet gathered scorn from around the cryptoverse, with some calling Sun ‘shameless’, ‘embarrassing’ and other epithets I’d rather not repeat here (tho you can probably guess):

The tweet’s timing is also peculiar, if you consider that Sun predicted Tron back in top 10 and BTT in top 30 earlier this month:

With that in mind, some see the tweet simply as Sun’s last-ditch effort to kickstart his prediction:

And while there’s been plenty of criticism of Justin’s latest shill attempt, there’s always a fair few praising Sun’s marketing ‘acumen’ and next-level biz dev skills:

  • Say what you like about TRX, tech might not be up to much but Sun knows how to market it pretty well
  • The TRX hype machine is real
  • I love how Justin Sun appears in the Bitcoin sub now. Either hate him or like him, but damn, that guy is making his presence everywhere! I see why he does what he does now.

So there you have it. June 1st. Something big is coming to Tron and BitTorrent. Or not. Either way, it's 'mission accomplished' for Sun.

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