STG: a tale of a modern Nostradamus

Many great prophets of the past had a tendency to live and die in poverty only to be recognised long after they were gone. But in our day and age, if you're a prophet, there's plenty of tools at your disposal which can easily allow you to escape the miserable life that many of your ancestors were forced to have.

Take a look for example at one recent event. If you follow the trends in crypto, you've definitely heard about Binance listing Stargate Finance (STG) on August 19th 2022.

That's a pretty usual announcement, Binance makes those all the time. But what's interesting here, is that if you look closely into the onchain and trading data, you can see that indeed there're great prophets living among us.

STG active addresses
STG trading volume
STG transaction volume

So you can clearly see that all the metrics started blowing up around 10 minutes before the official announcement. Quite a prophecy, isn't it?

And a cherry on top, look at the balance of big STG wallets around that time:

STG holders balances

In conclusion, being able to predict the future comes with great financial prospects at our time. But if you're a mere scrub, only able to see what's already happened, well, then here's your bag, hold it steadily please, thanks for playing!

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