Predictions that the collapse of USDC or USDC will cause BTC and ETH to increase did not come true. The transfer took place from threatened to neutral. The information appeared over the weekend closing investors in the crypto <-> crypto trap. The situation looks like a planned attackESCAPE


Rumors of USDC as a digital dollar and huge transfers of confiscated bitcoins lead to the assumption that it is artificially induced FUD. Beating the price below 20k turns out to be a hard task. Under other circumstances, each of the recent events can be considered a "black swan"

FUD explosion

transfers and exchanges

In the past, high-profile influencers assumed that USDC/USDT trouble would take Bitcoin to space. Nothing like that happened, domination proves it.


Favorite SANTIMENT set below 8k and the price dances after support.

8k FUD vs 20 k BTC

Always-on dollars, internet speed

USDC is a faster, safer, and more efficient way to send, spend, and exchange money around the globe. USDC powers apps to provide anytime access to payments and financial services.

announces CIRCLE :))))

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