SP500 is Just INCHES From a 5,000 Value as Crypto Stays Within its Range

📊 Assuming that #crypto still has its long-term correlation with the #SP500 intact, the argument of #Bitcoin, #Ethereum, and the rest of the sector should play catch up at some point (likely prior to $BTC's April halving). As #AllTimeHigh's continue to pour in for #equities, this is one of the more rare moments where traders in the #cryptocurrency sector should be rooting for coin market values to stay closely tied to the performance trends of publicly traded corporations.

In the long-term, crypto generally sees its most notable #bullrun cycles when there is little to no correlation with #stocks. Ever since the last major correlation break with November, 2022's #FTX collapse, the crowd has debated whether $BTC is fluctuating in a path similar to a high leverage tech stock.

Check out the price comparison chart here, and track this correlation for yourself any time!

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