Some FUD on STOX

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Garry Kabankin
Nov 11, 2018

A warning post saying Stox (STX) reported to have performed an exit cam appeared on Reddit:

Facts mentioned:

1. CEO Yossi Peretz has resigned.

2. Commologic and (not to be mistaken for the financial news site, whom were once presented as key factors in Stox’s development and market share positioning, have already left the project.

Stox respond: it was decided to terminate our contract with our Israel-based service provider ‘Commologic’, which had been providing services and moving to a new global structure. In this regard, we have moved development and operations to Europe.

As for Amazix community managers, Stox terminated the contract with AmaZix in October because the parties could not reach agreement on the commercial terms.

3. 12 days after the crowdsale 7,400,000 Stox were withdrawn from the trustee contract back to the wallet - through the revoke function as shown in the transaction hash: -

This transaction is equivalent to 12.5% of total Stox (amount given to This is done again with 5,920,000 Stox which is equivalent to 10% of total Stox (the amount given to the Stox team). Transaction Hash -

Stox respond: The revoke function was used right after the ICO in order to fix vested amounts in’s and Stox’s team wallets. From time to time the revoke function is used to adjust vesting terms according to new or ended partnerships.

4. Moshe Hogeg's, STOX advisor, wallet showing STOX tokens being dumped on Bancor -

Stox respond: These are private transactions conducted by Moshe Hogeg on the secondary markets. These transactions are not related to his involvement in the company at all and were concluded independently.

A few more personal observations:

5. Stox has now around 26 active daily users according to State of the Dapps (current rank  #85)

6. Almost all collected Ether was withdrawn shortly after crowdsale:

Thanks for reading.


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Garry Kabankin
Nov 11, 2018

Thanks for reading!

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