Some Altcoins are Beginning to Trickle into Mid-Term Opportunity Zone for the First Time in a Long Time

📊 Following #Bitcoin's drop to a 2-week low of $61.7K Tuesday, the Santiment MVRV Opportunity & Danger Zone Model indicates that several #altcoins have finally dropped enough for mid-term trading returns to be in an #opportunity zone. This zone gets breached when an asset's 30-day, 90-day, and 365-day average wallet returns are combining to be in negative territory.

In a zero sum game like #crypto, projects with minimal returns compared to the rest of the sector have a higher probability of a more efficient rebound for those who are willing to #buythedip on projects traders are in the most #pain on.

At this time, some of the best candidates currently in this opportunity zone include $BOUNCE, $LDO, $OMG, $STORJ, and $SNX.

Make a free copy of this model here by simply clicking File - Make a Copy:

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1) Get a free Santiment API key by starting a free trial here
2) Download Sansheets:
3) Plug in your API:
4) If you're having trouble getting the data to load on a model, head to the 'Data' tab on the far right of the spreadsheet, and go to the yellow cell. Then delete the cell formula, then hit Undo. This should manually refresh the data

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