SNGLS - Pump & dump with fake news

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Apr 24, 2019

Fake news

SNGLS' price saw a spike following news of a token burn & main net rehearsal that's going to happen on 30th April, along with rumours of them migrating to Binance Chain. This eventually sent the crowd looking for further details about the alleged events.

But this all eventually turns out to be a well-coordinated P&D attempt by someone/group.

It appears that the source of fake news first originated from SNGL's old twitter account. Somehow it was hijacked from 22nd April 2019 and posted a series of fake announcements over 2 days. This then spirals unto Telegram and other social channels (including calendar sites) as the crowd continues to blindly share the content. Most of the fake news content has since been deleted.

Can't blame the crowd though, people unfamiliar with the project may not know that SingularDTV rebranded to Breaker since Feb 2019.

For timeline of the fake news, you can refer to screenshots below:

Hi, we are back!
We have a new project!
Skip the new project, we have a token burn and main net rehearsal!

As always, DYOR!

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Apr 24, 2019

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