Shiba Inu: Behind the Market Buzz

It's been a noteworthy for the markets, with Shiba Inu token (SHIB) stealing some of the limelight. On Wednesday, it was one of the tokens accounting for the highest transaction fees, reflecting a surge in activity around this memecoin.

A closer look at the underlying trends suggests there might be a positive spin to this development for Shiba Inu. The drivers include network growth, network realized profit loss completely under water, and decreasing supply of SHIB on exchanges:

SHIB Network Growth quite high lately
SHIB NRPL: only loss visible yet
SHIB supply on exchanges lowest since 2022

However, understanding the true implications of this situation requires evaluation from two distinct perspectives:

1) A Toppish Indicator: Intriguingly, the sudden attention on memecoins can sometimes signal a market top or peak. In this context, the focus on SHIB could be interpreted as a sign of market saturation or possible future decline.

2) The Awakening Interest: On the flip side, the recent attention could breathe new life to a previously under-the-radar token. As suggested by our proprietary metrics, daily active addresses for SHIB were lackluster before this surge in interest, indicating a newfound demand for the token:

We believe it's crucial to peel back the layers of market activity to show the foundational data. These data points, which may not be immediately visible, offer a more comprehensive understanding of the dynamics in play.



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