Several Assets Mildly Slow Down on Development Activity During Holiday Season, But Cardano Still Chugging Along!

🧑‍💻 Here are #crypto's top coins by development activity. This top 10 list is sorted by notable #github commits, basd on the past 30 days of each projects' team's activity:

1 Cardano $ADA

2 Polkadot $DOT

3 Kusama $KSM

4 Avalanche $AVAX

5 Internet Computer $ICP

6 Hedera $HBAR

7 Cosmos $ATOM

8 Optimism $OP

9 Status $SNT

10 Chainlink $LINK

The Santiment methodology pulls notable #github activity from project repositories via a highly structured process. Read about the importance of investing in assets with active teams who are constantly working to improve and innovate the assets that you invest in with your hard-earned money:

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