SanBase Updates: Custom Topic Selection for Social Tools, Simplified Query Editing, New Metrics and Tokens

Unlock your trading potential with our latest suite of updates designed to keep you ahead in the fast-paced crypto market.

  • Tailored Insights with Customizable Social Context
    Elevate your strategy by selecting only the topics that matter to you on the Social Context zero state page. Dive deeper into market sentiment and sharpen your focus on the trends shaping the crypto landscape.
Customizable Social Context
  • Effortless Analysis with Customizable Queries:
    Fine-tune your social context queries with ease, ensuring your analysis perfectly aligns with your trading needs.
Customizable Queries for social context
  • Stay Ahead with Trending Social Rank
    Identify the pulse of the market with our new charts feature, highlighting the most ups and downs of tokens over time.

Trending Social Rank
  • Charting Made Mobile📱
    Your favorite desktop chart layouts are now seamlessly accessible on your mobile device, ensuring you never miss a beat in the market.
  • Compare Crypto with Traditional Assets: Is your token poised to be the next gold? Integrate the price of Gold, S&P 500, Crude Oil, and more into your analysis for unprecedented market insights.
ETF Metrics
  • Following MakerDAO 🔥 news? Check out our New MakerDAO DSR metrics 👀 MakerDAO DSR allows DAI holders to receive a share of the revenue earned by MakerDAO. New metrics show how much assets are deposited into DSR contract along with deposits and withdrawals.
    - MakerDAO DSR (DAI Savings Rate) Deposits
    - MakerDAO DSR (DAI Savings Rate) Withdrawals
    - MakerDAO DSR (DAI Savings Rate) Total Supplied
MakerDAO DSR Metrics

Discover and Track New Tokens 👀:

  • Explore a fresh selection of tokens across Ethereum and other blockchains. Start tracking and analyzing ETHFI, SUSDe, BOOM, CHAT, GLDT, HOT, SLERF, SONIC to uncover new opportunities.

We also fixed…

  • Charts Layout description formatting: description now preserves line breaks when it’s displayed on the Charts’ page.

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