RLC whales vs crowd holders

iExec, the first blockchain cloud computing platform is still holding around $90M in ETH raised in 2017 ICO, see for yourself -- https://app.santiment.net/s/k9fkSC3c

This was just an entry note, now let us show a few interesting charts on RLC.

iExec token seem to be doing good, gaining 40% in the last 10 days.

Now if we look at RLC supply distribution by balance of addresses, we can highlight two different groups -- from 10 to 10K RLC and from 10K to 100K RLC:

The blue line represents smaller holders, from 10 to 10K RLC. And it's showing a very rare behaviour for this sort of holders, they were very smart to buy the dip and to sell on the way up.

The bigger ones also bought the bottom, then they decreased their position, a sort of a usual behaviour.

Next, volumes charts.

Active addresses:

There was a divergence on a first top, end of November. Then with every next spike it went lower and lower and lower. Classic. With one outlier in January.

Trading volume, almost the same:

Social volume, also classic:

So, who are they, RLC holders?

Perhaps it makes sense to keep an eye on iExec, using a complete overview chart layout: https://app.santiment.net/s/htxIzlYG

Thanks for reading!

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