RLC (eExec) has nice chances of further increase

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May 26, 2018

Observation from the last year activity on RLC (iExec)

Let's just take one parameter - DAA (daily active addresses)


To pay attention:
1. On the 29-th (in two days) there supposed to be the release of the ver. 2.0

2. Market might be rallying and making the new highs) on its way. As the current picture doesn't show the extreme yet

3. These new highs should come, however, with the new high in DAA too

4. If not - dump might coming

One more chart

Combined chart of "token burn rate" + "exchanged in/out flow"

One more piece - we are coming through the "wall of worry". There are enough long-term (or big) holders who are moving the tokens to the exchange. After their "sell pressure" is gone (we might see one last spike) - the price increase is typically much easier.

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May 26, 2018

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