Ripple hits a few social and onchain tops

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Garry Kabankin
Oct 31, 2019

XRP is trending recently:

Around +100% mentions yesterday


Perhaps of a huge spike in transaction volume.

Yes. Have you noticed Ripple onchain data is now available on Sanbase?

More to come.

And this is how the transaction volume spike looks like on chart:

It's not clear what's causing the boost in daily transactions. Either it's Ripple’s upcoming Swell event or a partnership with Moneygram.

Another onchain observations

Daily Active Addresses anomalies on October 24-28th:

Token circulation spiking:

Token Age Consumed spiked the same day as well:

What are people talking about XRP?

Credit: @anondran
who need sex wen u have ripple
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Garry Kabankin
Oct 31, 2019

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