Ripple finally pumps, as Coinbase opens XRP trading for NY residents

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May 15, 2019

It’s been a day of ‘told you so’s for the XRP army, as the third biggest crypto asset spiked over 20% after Coinbase opened up XRP trading for New York residents.

Coinbase initially added XRP support for its retail platforms in February of this year, but New York and U.K. residents were not previously included.

That said, not everyone is convinced that the rally was prompted by the Coinbase announcement, and instead point to more general, market-wide trends:

Causes aside, the crowd was split on the sustainability of XRP’s uptrend. While there was lots of bullish sentiment across social media channels:

...some veteran XRP enthusiasts know they have been burned before:

After hitting an 8-month high $0.42 earlier today, Ripple met some sturdy resistance and has lost over 5% since. However, not everyone was too worried about the retrace:

Meanwhile, following rumours of Ebay potentially offering crypto payments in the future, some XRP fans wondered if their coin could be of service:

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May 15, 2019

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